Integrating Complex Building Systems for Cost-Effective, Seamless Design

Poor structural integrity and insufficient safety measures can impact building performance and life safety. 彩宝网平台在关键专业领域进行合作, providing start-to-finish problem-solving strategies founded in smart policy, 创新研究和实用工程.

彩宝网平台还提供 法律服务 to perform structural safety assessments and determine the extent of the damage and necessary repairs after a fire event.


架构是很重要的, electrical and structural systems are maintained to the current code guidelines and repaired if they are failing. Our structural and MEP code compliance assessments for any new construction or building modification include review of structural design, 水管系统及固定装置, HVAC and electrical/mechanical systems and equipment. We balance the rigorous requirements of life safety and code compliance with practicality and aesthetic considerations.


结构 design is the cornerstone of any project, whether new or existing construction. Our structural engineers have vast experience in design and analysis of steel, 混凝土, and masonry structures and are knowledgeable in advanced 3D analysis techniques when needed to solve difficult problems. We provide structural evaluation and risk insights to properly assess site configurations for tower cranes, 移动式起重机和其他重型起重设备. Because seismic and other extreme hazard loading conditions may require advanced analysis, our engineers are well versed in the usage of finite element software along with advanced techniques to determine how a structure responds and behaves to extreme hazard loading.


Mechanical systems are responsible for maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for building occupants and responsible for many industrial processes that take place. Whether your project involves a failure analysis of a mechanical component, engineering a new dust collection system or designing new components for hydraulic, 管道, 或暖通空调设计, 彩宝网平台的工程师提供安全的解决方案, reliable and complies with the relevant legislation. 彩宝网平台还为您提供全方位的服务 水锤 管流系统喘振分析.


Our engineers provide a wide range of electrical power system design and analysis services including primary electrical distribution power flow, 电压降, 短路, 电弧闪光, 控制系统和系统效率. We also routinely design emergency power systems including emergency/stand-by generator and uninterruptible power source for various project types. Our team has completed numerous DoD projects relating to electrical power system analysis, 电气设计, 电气设计规范和标准.